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Digital Transformation and SMBs

In today's challenging world, digital technology is a two-edged sword - one that helps you differentiate your business and delight your customer but also holds you to higher standards of innovation. How do you deal with this 'tiger by the tail' situation?

This especially becomes a bigger challenge for Small and Medium businesses (SMBs) - while larger enterprises have larger budgets and longer timeframes to formulate and execute a digital transformation roadmap, SMBs do not have this luxury. How do SMBs go about achieving Digital Transformation despite this handicap?

There is a silver lining - SMBs have the potential to be far more nimble than their large enterprise counterparts. It's the good old David vs Goliath, with a new age twist - the new David can embrace business agility by leveraging SMART Digital Transformation. To achieve such a transformation, there are three critical factors that SMBs must bring into play:

  1. Executive Leadership has to embrace and lead from the front

  2. Embrace key trends that generate either faster time to market or Efficiency

  3. Identifying Right Partners for the journey

In subsequent blogs, I will amplify on these three factors and what comprises a SMART transformation.



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