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Actionable Science

A Conversation AI SaaS Enterprise Solutions company that focuses on Employee and Customer Enablement through Helpdesk Support and Learning solutions. A deep Microsoft partner, their solution combines Azure Cognitive Stack and Cloud elements with several powerful features to deliver 3 levels of automation, AI+ Human capability through LiveChat and Microlearning to Shift left support.


Customers typically achieve 30%+ Efficiency Gain, 35% TCO reduction, and even more, priceless employee/customer satisfaction gain through auto-resolution using a smart Chatbot driven superior user experience

A full stack Conversational AI powered Enterprise SaaS solution with “auto-resolution skills”  to automate Employee and Customer Support Help desk.

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Morsel is world’s first conversational learning platform. Fast, easy in the moment chats are how we are making learning a fun interactive process.


Microsoft is a powerhouse of innovation in Cloud and AI Technologies and the backbone of office automation and Enterprise SaaS applications that enable businesses to run efficiently.


As a Microsoft Partner, we will leverage the power of Microsoft technologies and applications to help our customers delight their key stakeholders - Clients, Employees, and Partners.

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A Low Code Framework as a Service (FaaS) company that is focused on creating Industry-first component-driven digital-native applications. The resultant applications are Mobility ready, Cross-browser enabled, and Cloud-ready, thus creating Custom SaaS applications that can be hosted on Private, Public, or Hybrid Cloud.


The current focus of CoKube’s Industry Component driven approach is on Insurance and Retail Industries, where CoKube’s rapid application development delivers 3x to 5x Faster Time to Market and 40-50% TCO reduction amongst other benefits to customers.

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